Friday, May 13, 2011

Old men and Sluts, bring on Round 3

Following a fantastic round 1, the second round of the NHL playoffs were almost a bust.  With three of the four series at 3-0 and the other at 3-1 we may as well have just skipped it all together.  But alas those wily wings and pesky predators managed to bring us some excitement, and give the other teams some much needed time off, those old men need more time for that.

The east is now a battle of the old men, Thomas vs Roloson.  At 37 and 41 these two war horses have led, and sometimes dragged, their teams through to the eastern conference final.  I didn't pick either team to make it, but now that they are hear I'll go with lightning in 6.  Not a lot of rational for the pick other than I like the team, Roli was an Oiler, as was Brewer and Bergeron (who'd better keep his distance from Roli if the lightning are going to do it).  Stamkos is a budding star and St. Louis and Lecavalier and great veterans that are easy to cheer for.

The sluts out west are likely going to give each other as much as the other is willing to take.  This is a battle of chokers and both teams will give it away quicker than a puck bunny at the bar after a Jr B championship.  I am staunchly against the canucks as it would be unbearable to listen to their fans gloat about a Stanley Cup for the next 30 years...remember that time, when we won the cup...good lord kill me now!  Big Joe getting a chance at a cup seems like a good story, and Niemi has never lost a playoff series, so why start now.  Sharks in 5, just because.

So far my predictions have turned out like a guy playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey after 20 J├Ągerbombs.  In round one was a respectable 5 for 8, but in round two I went a pathetic 1 for 4, making me 6 for 12 overall.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I talked to my Dad this weekend, went for lunch with my step Dad and my Aunt and I spoke recently with my Uncle, my great Aunt and even my Father in law.  Two sister in laws a brother in law and my younger brother have been over recently.  But tomorrow it will be over a year since I've spoken to my Mother in law.

Last year at Easter the in laws were over.  Holly wasn't feeling well.  She had a sore back, and it had been like that for a while.  In fact it was so bad she and Neil spent most of one night at the hospital.  Despite that it was still a great visit.  The boys love their Nana, Ethan especially with whom Holly had a special bond.  We reminisced, talked about future plans, and marveled at how things change, and yet stay the same.  Terie and I woke Holly up with an impromptu boxing match in the room above where she was sleeping, and even got it on video; definitely a holiday classic!

What nobody new that weekend was that Holly only had weeks to live.  Holly had cancer, but no one knew it.  Her back problems were due to a large tumor and she also had cancer in the lungs.  The following weeks were a terrible time, with frantic visits, hope and sadness, smiles and tears.  In the end there were many more tears, and the months to follow were especially hard.

I was reminded this week that time doesn't stop, doesn't even slow down for you in times like this.  Suddenly it has been a year.  Family will come together tomorrow, and we will find comfort in the company, and the great memories we have been left with.

We will also be reminded to appreciate the time we have with those we love.

 We all miss you Holly <3 <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are you kidding me ref?!?!

My son recently started reffing.  I wanted him to so that he could see how hard it is, and gain a better appreciation for what they do so that he wouldn't complain about them when he plays.

Well after "the call" last night on Weber that ended up costing Nashville the hockey game, and the allowed goal by Malone that put TBay up 3-0 I just have to vent a little.  Come on Reff!  What game are you watching!  You let everything go, and then you call THAT!!

Alright, back to your day.