Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is the end

Well, a little late to the game, but I was so upset by the Conference finals that I tried to avoid NHL hockey all together until next season, or at least free agency and the draft.  But, it has been impossible to ignore this final, full of controversy, big saves, big goals and big gaffes.

Quick run down:

  • Burrows should have been suspended.  Ya, finger was in the mouth, but a bite is a bite, one game was necessary.
  • Lapierre, and then Lucic and Recchi's finger waves are just plain funny.  Fun to watch, raises intensity, I don't get why everyone is so upset.
  • Rome on Horton, late.  Borderline hit if the puck was still on his stick, maybe a minor for something, but if the puck was on his stick he would have seen him and avoided it.  4 games is more than I expected from the league, but I am happy that they gave that much.  I was hoping for the series + the first 10 of next season.

Bruins in 7 - please don't let the Canucks win

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